About Us


Insulin For Life (IFL) is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit company registered in the state of Victoria, Australia that was established in 1999. It evolved from the 20-year program at the International Diabetes Institute, Australia.

Its objectives are to:

  • obtain insulin, syringes, test strips and other diabetes supplies
  • to donate these supplies to Diabetes Associations and other responsible organisations in countries in need on an ongoing basis
  • to encourage the development of similar programs elsewhere. IFL has affiliates in Europe and North America (click here for details)
  • help develop and implement sustainable improvements in insulin and other supplies in countries in need.

IFLA Board Members (left to right): Neil Donelan, Faye Kirkwood, Bruce Wainright, Ron Raab (President 2000-2017), Alicia Jenkins (President).

Ron Raab OAM, President
  • Trained in economics, statistics and mathematics

  • Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation (2000-2006)

  • Member, of the International Diabetes Federation Insulin and Supplies Task Force

  • Member, Declaration of the Americas Diabetes Medical and Scientific Consultative Group

  • Employed at the International Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia, 1980-1999, in international diabetes humanitarian and education activities, including the development and management of the then International Emergency Insulin Distribution Program, 1986-1999 from which Insulin For Life evolved

  • Has had Type 1(insulin-dependent diabetes) since 1957 at age 6

  • Has adopted a low carbohydrate/low insulin regime which has resulted in a major improvement in daily blood sugars and quality of life

Faye Kirkwood, Nurse
  • Extensive experience in the care of disabled persons, including a number who also have diabetes

  • Involved in diabetes activities for many years, including as President of the Diabetes Support Association

  • Has had diabetes since 1991

Neil Donelan, Insurance Assessor
  • Involved in a number of local and overseas humanitarian aid activities, including the physical transporting of insulin overseas

Bruce Wainwright, Lawyer
  • Has had Type I (insulin dependent diabetes) since 1950 at age 14 and has so far not suffered any complications. No doubt a conscientious awareness of a healthy diet and exercise have been important but also an optimistic outlook for a positive and enjoyable life

  • Authored a book on living with diabetes

  • Member of an advisory committee to Government on diabetes concerns

Dr Alica Jenkins, Diabetes Specialist and Researcher
  • Diabetes Specialist and Researcher at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

  • Visiting Professor, University of Oklahoma, USA

  • Initiated and developing the Supplies Collection and Distribution Centre at the University of Oklahoma, USA

These Board members are also involved in the daily operational activities for Insulin for Life, such as fundraising, publicity, obtaining and sending the insulin and administration.

Certificate of Incorporation No. in the State of Victoria is A00390062D.
Charity/Australian Business No. ( ABN) is 71 416 864 883
Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances State of Victoria License No. is 24209862